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Increase Your PV System's
Efficiency With a
Solar Panel Cleaning in Jersey City, NJ & NY

The World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology has proved that accumulated dust and debris on the surface of solar panels can reduce their efficiency by up to 50%. A solar panel cleaning guarantees optimal performance resulting in big savings in the long run. It is better to leave the job to professionals as it's very easy to scratch the glass and reduce the energy production rate. You can count on our team in Jersey City, NJ, to clean every inch with the best materials.


Let the Experts Handle the Hard Work

We use certified formulas

It is easy to scratch the glass panels; the best approach to ensure a thorough cleaning is by hiring professionals. We use formulas compatible within the films and soft tools to prevent oxide from forming in your unit. Our solar panel cleaning service can also help you remove pollen and bird droppings! At Prestige Solar Services, LLC, we own the necessary equipment to clean PV systems at any property or location, no matter how big or small.


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Receive special discounts on your first-time service

Reduce the risk of debris buildup and keep your PV system working at full capacity by hiring our solar panel cleaning service: Our dependable professionals use certified tools and cleaning formulas to keep your unit from receiving damage, Request more information from our team in Jersey City, NJ. We have annual maintenance packages starting at $199.

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