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Solar Panel Repair in Jersey City NJ & NY

PV systems work year-round, absorbing direct sunlight to produce electricity. With time, their efficiency drops, and getting a solar panel repair or replacement becomes a better option. The panels can get scratched or broken, minimizing the energy production. Roofing repairs can also cause you to need professional assistance to remove your solar panel and reinstall it. Fortunately, at Prestige Solar Services, LLC, we can help you make the transition smooth and find the best replacement for your needs in Jersey City, NJ & NY.


Get a Solar Panel Removal & Reinstall

We will handle your PV system with care

If your roof needs repairs or replacements, you'd need to remove

your solar panels first. Roofers don't usually touch PV systems,  However, getting them out of the way ensures that the damage is fixed. Our reliable team uses certified tools and knows the proper techniques to safely remove your solar panels and reinstall them after the repairs are complete. We have flexible scheduling options so call us whenever you need!

Our Crew Is Ready to Help

Receive special discounts

PV systems can lose effectiveness over time, especially if they get damaged or broken. Our team in Jersey City, N), provides solar panel repair services! We can also remove and reinstall your units if you want to relocate them or get roof repairs. At Prestige Solar Services, we offer a 25% discount on your first-time service. Get in touch with our professionals today.

first time service.

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