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A Critter Guard Provides Year-Round Protection to Your Solar Panel in Jersey City, NJ & NY

Solar panels are energy-saving, durable, and help save on energy expenses while taking advantage of renewable resources. However, being exposed to the elements year-round can take its toll, and it's better to provide them with regular maintenance or preventive solutions like using a critter guard. Help your solar panels work at full efficiency and contact our trustworthy experts to install the protective components that work best for you. We work in residential and commercial areas in Jersey City, NJ & NY.


Install a Solar Panel Bird and Critter Guard

Prevent critter damage with our help

Squirrels, the buildup of flammable materials, birds, or other elements found outdoors can put at risk the integrity of your solar panel. At Prestige Solar Services, LLC, we provide critter guard installation services to help you combat the elements! This protective layer consists of a metal screening that can be attached to the solar panel without damage. Keep birds and squirrels away and prevent costly repairs! It also blocks twigs, debris, and leaves from collecting near the wiring and under the panel, protecting its integrity and preventing potential fires.

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late

Prevent potential fires

Rodents love a cozy place to live and need something to chew on to keep their teeth and claw growth in check. The space between your solar panel and your roof is attractive and makes a perfect candidate for a nestled home. Our squirrel removal services ensure that we will drive them away and repair the damages. Chewed cables can turn into fire hazards! They can also prevent your PV system from functioning. Call our experts in Jersey City, NJ, and request more information.

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