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Our Drone Service can 
Speed Up Your Next
Solar Project in
Jersey City, NJ & NY

Now more than ever drone are being used to help provide visuals, inspection videos, and mapping of residential and commercial solar projects. The usage of  a UAV with solar can save you time and is cost effective when utilized during project planning and monitoring. Our certified drone pilots are standing by and ready to fly out! Prestige Solar Services, LLC, is here to provide you with quality deliverables for your next solar project in Jersey City, NJ & NY.


Save Time and Money with Safe, Swift, and Reliable 
Drone Solutions

Stay up-to-date with our drone visuals

Imagine being able to recieve updates of your project without ever leaving the comfort of your home or office? Our Drone Visual Services can provide you with time-lapsed updates of any project type such as solar, construction, farmland, land surveys, and periodic inspections. Using our drone services, give you and all parties involved in a project, a third-party source, that is not involved, so that there is one confirmed record of data across the board for making major decisions and monitoring project timelines. 

Call Us For Your Drone Visuals

Schedule your next aerial inspection or property shoot 

Let us film your next shoot, whether you are a Real Estate Agent, looking for a diverse portfolio of picture and videos for marketing, or a company looking for inspection and repair services for your solar/roof. Our experts will get you educated on our Drone services and how we can help you with your next project! Get in touch with us today to schedule your next drone visual appointment today.

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